Tower Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Browse our inflatable paddle boards & Onewheel electric skateboards, select a delivery date & we'll have it delivered directly to your doorstep or destination. If you find anything that has the potential to let water into your SUP board, get it taken care of immediately. It is a lightweight paddle board, easy to transport whether it is inflated or not. The Aquaglide Cascade 11'0′ inflatable paddle board with backpack and pump is a great buy at $799.

This offers a level of flexibility and freedom which is simply impossible with hard boards - perfect for free spirits and travel junkies. With a relatively short length at 9' 8” and a wide stance at 35.5” this board offers great stability in the water, plus a very large platform for exercising, stretching, and posing.

The 2016 Cascade paddle board systems includes a new-style Bravo high-pressure, dual-action pump with a gauge. The NIXY paddle board comes with an adjustable oar, as mentioned, as well as a carry bag that has wheels, a high pressure pump, and a leash to make sure you won't lose the board in case you fall off.

Practicing SUP on rivers, it is also answering to safety requirements and allow acces to a broad array of disciplines such as surfing of statical waves, slalom or race. But, we wouldn't be here if we didn't believe that ISLE Surf & SUP provides you with the absolute best choice for your inflatable paddle board needs.

A high quality adjustable (63”-85”) aluminum paddle, an iRocker specially designed carry bag backpack, ankle leash and dual action hand pump with gauge are included for a streamlined purchase with less additional, unforeseen” expenses down the road. The Lifetime Freestyle Multi-sport Paddle Board is truly made to last a lifetime and they stand by that with a 5 year warranty.

But in countries like France, Spain, Portugal and also the Scandinavian countries we still sell a majority of hard boards. The award-winning Ride Boards are the ultimate all-round inflatable stand up paddle boards, offering fantastic versatility and unrivalled quality, innovation and design.

Obviously, stability becomes even more important for aqua asanas and this board offers up 322 litres of volume and a deck that's 33in wide and 10ft 6in long, so your downward dog won't turn into a drowned rat. Stand up paddling boarding is becoming more and more popular around the world.

It has a beautiful finish and is arguably the most durable board around, which is a hard combo to come by. The board does come in at a heavier weight, about 31lbs, but the durability, graphics and fun factor alone easily carry this board into the A-grade tier.

Copyright © 2018 Escape Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (TM) - All Rights Reserved. Includes a hand pump and an adjustable, three-piece aluminum paddle. When it comes to pressure, higher numbers equal fuller and stiffer boards. You will love using this paddle board as it is easy to inflate and deflate, stable when in the water, easy to maneuver even in rougher conditions, and you can gain some momentum even with some hefty weight on inflatable stand up paddle board the board.

Inflatable boards are easy to carry when I am traveling. The discount paddle board is of great quality, tracks well and is stable. A renewed, superlight inflatable SUP board featuring a 5mm thick grooved EVA traction deck. You will also get a carry bag with adjustable straps.

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